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Social Media Manager

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Cleveland, OH

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About the Role


If you are passionate about marketing and enjoy making content for social media then this job is for you. A unique opportunity to join an up-and-coming marketing agency on a path of growth and success. We are helping our clients to build a GO TO MARKET strategy from original concepts and help expand their businesses all the way to success.

Core competencies:

Social media marketing

Job Summary
Designs and executes social marketing strategies to attract new customers and promote client's businesses. Researches clients' products and industries and curates content to post.

Social Media Coordinator Job Responsibilities:
Setup client social media accounts & gain followers.
Execute a results-driven social media strategy for multiple brands
Develop and curate engaging content for social media platforms.
Assist in the creation and editing of written, video, and photo content.
Attend events and produce live social media content.
Maintain unified brand voice across different social media channels.
Collaborate with the marketing team to create a social media calendar.
Monitor social media channels for industry trends.
Interact with users and respond to social media messages, inquiries, and comments.
Review analytics and create reports on key metrics.
Assist in the development and management of social media marketing and influencer marketing strategy.


(Required) Certification or 1 year expereince in Hootsuite, Google Analytics, Meta Business Suite

(Required) Active or past social profiles to view as samples

(Preferred) Associates Degree in Marketing

About the Company

We are a strategic marketing and business planning agency. We are helping our clients take their businesses from idea to their respective markets.

We are looking for team members to assist us in servicing our clients on a free-lance / commissioned basis. You, along with other team members, will be given an opportunity to service each of our clients.
We will translate client needs to the team and you will provide one or more sample plans / designs tailored for them. If they like your plan and style, you will provide them with the services that they need and be paid for your work.

Do you provide more than social media management services? Great! We will be happy to allow you to provide our client's with more services provided your initial work is selected.

Example: You win the bid for social media marketing. The client also needs a logo, website, flyers, and business cards... These projects would be yours to create, manage and be compensated for if these are services you can provide.

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